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Limited Time Offer

Totally Free Website Audit

For a limited time you can get a free website audit from me! I’ll find your website weak points give you tips on how to improve them. I’m only taking a limited number of people up on this offer so get your submission in and I’ll reach out if you are chosen! You have nothing to lose.

If you have you’ve been thinking about your website and all the ways it could be better, but you aren’t quite sure what areas you need to improve, now is your chance to get my eyes on your site FOR FREE.

What you get in the website audit:

I’ll take a deep dive and review your website, finding it’s weaknesses and making suggestions for areas you can improve including:

  • Technical Audit
    [Check for security, speed and performance, best practices, accessibility, backlinks, and broken links]
  • SEO Audit
    [Review on-page and off-page SEO]
  • Content Audit
    [Review your website copy and CTAs]
  • UX Audit 
    [Review and suggest improvements for a better user experience and customer journey]
  • Brand Audit
    [Find areas to fix or reinforce brand typography, styling, imagery, etc.]

How this works

It’s quite simple. You need to have a website.

It can be for a business you own or be a blog, personal website, or portfolio site. You just need to be the owner and have access to the site. Fill out the form below to get started!

100% Free Website Audit Form

Fill out this form to be entered into the lottery and I’ll be in touch!