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Karasu Tengu Academy is Nashua, New Hampshire’s premiere mixed martial arts academy for MMA training where you will find a supportive community that is open to all skill levels – from beginners to competition-level MMA athletes.

KT Academy (KTA) offers a variety of MMA classes for everyone including muay thai, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and boxing.


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Scope of Work

The primary goal was to develop a website that would rank high on Google, and attract new members who want to train MMA at the competition level and hobbyist alike. The website needed to have two distinct experiences – one for everyday people looking to learn MMA and another for those interested in competition-level MMA training and management.

We wanted to rank the gym in search for “best MMA gym” in the area and were able to capture the number two spot on Google search in just under 30 days.

To make the website truly on brand, I captured and incorporated branded photography across the site to give visitors an idea of what the gym offers, what equipment is used, and what it looks like to attend one of various MMA classes. 

Karasu Tengu Academy MMA Training Website Design
MMA training and wrestling at Karasu Tengu Academy
MMA training mobile website Karasu Tengu Academy
MMA training athletes at Karasu Tengu Academy
MMA training website Karasu Tengu Academy