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Every project has it’s own unique duration typically anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and beyond. It all depends on what your needs are, what you have, don’t have, and so on.

To get a better idea of how long your project will take, check out the services you’re interested in and the estimated timelines for each – you can always write to me to ask and I can give you more information and timeline details.

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I offer a variety of services at different price points. Check out the services you’re interested on my service page to get an idea of what my starting rates are. You can always email me too.

Yes! Payment plans can be structured in a few ways to meet your goals and fit in your budget. Talk to me to find out how we can make a payment plan that works for you.

Yes. I collect 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your project and collect the remainder on the last day of our project, before we launch your final creative. For those seeking payment plans, the deposit is due up front and the remaining balance of your project can be split out into monthly payments over a period of time we agree to.

The short answer is yes I can design a logo but I do not offer a “just a logo”service.

Why? My approach to designing for brands ensures my clients are over the moon when we’re done working together. Nothing I do is mediocre, cookie cutter, or generic. You wouldn’t want to work with me if that were the case anyway right?

All of the services I offer are holistic meaning every service comes with research, getting to know you, your industry, better understanding your needs, wants, and pain points to then be able to craft solutions that get you what you want, what you need, and solve your problems while meeting your business goals.

Branding is important, and if you’re serious about your brand and want to look professional and amplify your online presence, the best way to do that is with proper branding – it can’t be done with “just a logo”.

Read some of what my clients have said about working with me and you’ll get a better idea of the impact my holistic branding services can have for your business.

I would love to design your website but we need a few things first – more than just a logo. Successful website launches have strategy behind them, great imagery, cohesive branding, and thoughtfully crafted copywriting. If you have all of that great! If you don’t, reach out to me to talk more about what we can do to round out your brand, to bring everything together with proper brand design and strategy, so we can make building your website a successful project.

In most cases yes! If you have a properly functioning website and need some content added, help with your CMS, or copywriting assistance I have a service called Website Restyle where we work together to make tweaks and changes to your current site to make it feel more on brand.

The short answer is yes! The long answer is, yes if you know how to make proper changes to your website.

We want your website to work for you and if you feel confident to make changes to your site on your own, using proper web format and styling best practices, then you should!

Every website I build and launch comes with a 1 hour CMS walkthrough to show you how and where to make edits to your unique website.

This session is recorded and is not considered to be a comprehensive CMS walkthrough but rather a walkthrough relevant to your specific brand website. I will have asked you during our discovery call, before we began your project, what content on your site is going to receive the most updates and I will show you how and where to make those updates.

In those instances where you feel out of your depth or are worried you will do something that might compromise your website’s integrity, it’s best to reach out to me to ask and I can either point you in the direction of resources for self-help or we can talk about getting you on one of my website support packages.

I offer monthly website support packages and if you are looking for a dedicated website partner to monitor and update your website for you, reach out to me so we can talk about what that looks like for your unique brand.

If your website update needs are less frequent, but will require some time to talk through and implement I offer my Website Restyle and Design Day services that allow us to work together 1:1 to review your website and make content updates together.

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