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Duration: 8 hours | Inquire for Pricing

Design days are a collaborative effort between you and I. We work together, on a video call, and roll up our sleeves to tackle your brand goals.


Find answers to common questions about Design Days and see some examples of how people use a Design Day to work towards their goals and what you can expect.

You work 1:1 with me, live on a zoom call (or in person depending on where you are) for 8 hours and we work on your brand goals together.

Before you book your VIP design day, you will reserve your day with a 50% deposit.

Then you will receive a questionnaire to fill out, before your VIP design day is booked, and it will help navigate and keep us focused during our 1:1 time.

I will review your questionnaire and prepare a list of things for us to tackle during our scheduled VIP design day. Depending on the nature of your goals for our meeting, I will send you a list of things to have ready for our call like images, product information, or samples.

You then pay the remaining 50% balance and select your VIP design day.

Creative direction, brainstorming, website copy changes, website image changes, image sourcing, general copywriting assistance, CMS walkthroughs, ad copywriting, ad creation, image editing, content creation, content calendars, blog writing assistance and more (just ask)

Brand design, brand strategy, logo design and website design (these are separate services I offer and they cannot be achieved in a single day).

VIP design days are for dedicated 1:1 help meaning you will be on a call with me all day actively talking and working towards goals we predetermined. The purpose and intention for the VIP design day is to accomplish as much as we can in the time we have, understanding that not everything may be accomplished in a day.

A lot if we are organized and prepared for our day! Common VIP design days include discussing your brand and your goals, what direction to take your brand, or what things you want to change. Lots of questions and exploration, research and note taking to help you figure out what to do next.

You have a holiday product launch or sale coming up and want to increase awareness and boost sales. We discuss and develop mood boards for your holiday drop including photoshoot inspiration, banner design for your home page, social media post, and other promotional content ideas. We will create what we can during our call, like writing ad copy, creating social posts, and creating a shot list for future photos.

You have a website but you want to change up the home page. We review and discuss your current layout, what could be improved, and what copy needs to be rewritten, what images need to be replaced and sourced, and what new information we need to add. If we have enough time we will make changes to your homepage. We are not changing fonts, colors, or your websites theme during this time but rather adding content, moving content, or removing content.

If we find that you want to redesign your website during our call, we will research and develop mood boards to find your new style and book your project as a Website Redesign service separately. Website Redesigns range from 2 weeks – 2 months + depending on the scope of work and the overall size and complexity of the website.

You need help coming up with daily social media posts for your brand. We discuss your goals for your content and brainstorm some ideas for content. We develop a list of ideas and we start to create the daily posts. We create as many as we can in the time we have.

You have a WordPress website and are looking to better understand how to update, manage, and add new content to your site. We discuss what you want to learn and I walk you through how to do things live.

You have an idea for a brand and want to flesh it out. We will discuss the industry, research competitors, come up with brand names, create mood boards, and develop a rough brand brief for your concept.

You want to rework the copy on your website, on your social posts, and other areas of your brand. We review and discuss ways to improve your messaging. (You should have a brand guide in place with strategy before we work on something like this).

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The Things People Say

This girl deserves all the flowers. From transforming our website, amplifying our brand, and advising on marketing, Andrea has been nothing but amazing to work with.

[ Walter, Owner of Karasu Tengu Academy ]

Andrea is an absolute dream to work with. Andrea had seen my vision before I could even put it into words. Extremely communicative and quick with her work, but never, ever skimping on the quality. From first drafts and mood boards, to logos and full blown website design, she has held my hand and made my vision come to life. I cannot recommend working with her enough. For social media, web design, logo work and general aesthetic of your business, look no further. She is your girl."

[ Chelsea, Owner of Arbor & Root Salon ]

Blown away. Andrea was efficient, understanding of my businesses needs, and professional. When I saw the website she created me, my jaw dropped and went through the floor. The best investment you can make for your company is hiring Andrea.

[ Liz, Owner of Frontrunner Co. ]

“Andrea is amazing at what she does and I put my full confidence in her when it comes to anything I need for my brand. She never disappoints.”

[ David ]

“I am in love with my brand! Andrea really works magic. I thought I had good ideas and then I worked with Andrea and she brought them to life in ways beyond what I could've imaged.”

[ Ryan ]

I'm always getting compliments on my logo and business cards - people love them. I've also seen an increase in website traffic to my site beyond what I could've imagined. I'm so thrilled with the work that Andrea has done.

[ Hope, Owner of Hope Lacasse Real Estate ]
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