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5 Reasons Your Website’s Homepage Should Be Longer

Everybody’s time is valuable and no one wants to waste theirs. When people visit your website, they want their visit to be worth while.

If you have limited, poor quality content that’s difficult to find, and difficult to take action on, you’re wasting your audiences time.

Here are five reasons your website’s home page should be longer and what you can do to improve your homepage experience for your customers.


1. It's a journey, not a destination

It’s actually both, but I like the saying “it’s a journey not a destination” because it drives home one crucial point that we need to remember when we’re thinking about our website – the customer journey.

People love to scroll – so make them want to keep scrolling your home page with loads of amazing content.

By the way, your audience does NOT care that you home page is actually “long” but, they do care if it’s short and shallow. Shallow content makes people leave – fast.

Getting to your site is very easy for your customer, its taking your customer on a journey that requires UI/UX skill and mastery along with design magic and copywriting prowess to keep people engaged and on your site.

Think of someone landing on your homepage like it’s a first date, because often times it is. The shorter your page, the shorter your date, the less your date knows about your brand and the less likely they will buy or ever come back for another date.

They might click around but, if they aren’t able to spend much time on your site because your content is shallow, they’re going to leave and feel like they wasted their time with you.


2. Pacing your content is necessary and important

Let me ask you something: is it better to have more or less of something?

If it’s more money, we will all say yes, more is better. If it’s more problems, we will all say more is not better and, we’d like less.

The thing is, you don’t need an encyclopedia worth of information to throw at your customer, you only need enough to meet their needs where they’re at. If you have a highly technical offering and legal information you have to share, there is a time and place to present all of that – but not on the home page.

You want to spread out and pace your content in digestible chunks so, your audience doesn’t get scared away or falls asleep trying to read your technical writing or your long winded story.

For long paragraphs, avoid them at all costs and instead of trying to cram a lot into a small space, break each paragraph into 2-3 sentences. You might have to rework your copy to refine your message in the process and that’s a good thing.


3. More copy means more SEO opportunity

If you suffer from shallow content and minimal copy on your homepage, increasing your copy gives you room to add more SEO keywords that will help with you website’s search ranking.

You want to mention key phrases and search words your audience will use to find you in Google. You want to include your location, what services you offer, and details about those services.

Build out different sections on your home page dedicated to specific information about your business. Start at the top of your homepage with an eye-catching hero image and a compelling headline that captures the essence of your brand offerings.

Create a find us, or location, section and provide your address and mention the surrounding area you service. Create a products and services section and list out the top services you offer along with a description of each and desired outcomes your audience is looking for from those services.

Create various section with the most important information about your business – the information people are looking for when they happen on your site.


4. Keep new visitors engaged for longer

I mentioned this earlier, but longer pages lead to increased engagement IF the content is good.

When you provide value to your customers in the form of information, compelling visuals, great products, or valuable services, they will want to stick around on your site for longer.

Hopefully, they will turn into a lead or a sale – YAY. Longer homepages allow your audience to engage with your content without asking them to do anything other than look, read, and scroll.

Less clicks and more time spent on a page is actually a better metric for engagement. Think about it. Three clicks and no sale is not good. Scrolling your home page and reading and learning about your brand for a couple of minutes with ONE click that generates a lead from a newsletter sign up or an add to cart is what you want.


5. It's your website, it's your space to say what you want

The best thing about your website is that it is yours! You can say whatever you want about your brand whenever you want.

You can spend money on ads to drive to your site for people to find very little content to engage with, causing them to leave before they could take action. That’s not good.

Alternatively, you can save your ad money and consider investing it in a website redesign, copywriting and photography to improve your homepage experience and get more business.

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